A Webinar or a Workshop?

As experienced teachers in the field of integrating technology we offer Tailor-made Presentations, Webinars and Workshops for your school or institution.

What makes a webinar different from a presentation and from a workshop...?
PRESENTATION can  be face-2-face or online, and the audience can see slides on a screen, while the mentors explain procedures and provide examples.

WEBINAR is an online seminar, where the audience has the chance to participate in a chat area, asking questions and sharing experiences from their computers.

A WORKSHOP is a hands-on session with participants f2f, where the mentors offer guidance and assistance.

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    Some screenshots of Webinars we participated in:

    Baltimore 2003, for a Webhead Convergence

    2005, with Webheads

    2006, with Ed Tech

                                                    Seminar in Second Life, 2007